Volvic Natural Mineral Water 1.5 Litre


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Product Description

  • Natural Mineral Water
  • In you too lies a strength, a volcano waiting to be awakened
  • #findyourvolcano
  • All our bottles are 100% recyclable, help us to give this bottle another life by popping it in the recycling bin when you are done.
  • Volvic Natural Mineral Water is unstoppable. It flows through six layers of volcanic rock, which infuse it with unique volcanic minerals, and gives it a clean, crisp taste that helps you feel your unstoppable best. Our Volvic bottles are all 100% recyclable, so please recycle them so they can be turned into something else
  • Volcanic strength has given Volvic its unique minerality
  • Package not designed for long distance transportation outside Europe
  • Pack size: 1500ML



Store in a clean, cool and dry place away from sunlight, strong odours and chemicals.Best before date indicated on bottle.

Net Contents



Typical Values Mineral Composition (mg/l):
Calcium 12
Sulphates 9
Magnesium 8
Sodium 12
Bicarbonates 74
Potassium 6
Silica 32
Chlorides 15
Nitrates 7.3
Dry Residue 180c°: 130
ph: 7

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